Tommee Tippee Sangenic®Wrap & Go Review

Tommee Tippee have launched a new product for use by busy parents on the go, the Sangenic®Wrap & Go.

NEW Sangenic®Wrap & Go nappy wraps are:

  •  anti-bacterial, killing 99% of germs on contact
  • infused with a fresh citrus scent to combat odour
When I received the Sangenic®Wrap & Go to test and review I was surprised by the size of the product, I think I expected a much larger product but the Sangenic®Wrap & Go is tiny. Small enough to fit in even your handbag!
Being stolen by a little hand to show scale!
The minute I opened the packaging I could smell the citrus fragrance, it smelt really clean and was not overpowering but I think it would definitely mask odour so would help if you can’t get rid of the nappy straight away or to prevent nasty smells in your bin at home.
The clever design on the handle means that you could easily attach it to your pushchair, bag loop or similar so that it you always have bags on hand when you need them.
I had just got LissyLou out of bed so I was ready to change a nappy and therefore try out the Sangenic®Wrap & Go straight away.
I found it very easy to use, you simply pull the first bag until you come to the perforated section, and easily detach it from the roll, if you pull too far you turn the lid until it winds back inside, so that it looks neat and stays compact.
The bags were a good size, you could actually fit a couple of nappies in one bag so for me this would be ideal as I’m often changing two nappies one after another so I would be able to use just one bag. The bags are quite thick unlike some I have tried before and so they tied well and immediately locked the smells inside.
Priced at £4.99 and including 30 wraps (15 per roll) . The Sangenic®Wrap & Go is a bit more expensive than regular nappy bags but I don’t think its a bad price given the small amount of space it takes up and the quality of the bags. I’d definitely buy one to have in my changing bag, even if I continued to use normal bags for at home. Sangenic®Hygienic Wrap & Go Refils are also available, at £4.99 you get 3 refills (15 wraps per roll). You can buy the Sangenic®Wrap & Go online at Tommee Tippee. or instore in Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Boots, Argos, Mothercare, Babies R Us

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