E45 Junior Review

I have been brought up around E45, my mum always had a large tub of it at home and a tube in her hand bag, so when I was told about E45 Junior I was interested to see whether it would be good for C’s sensitive, eczema prone skin.

E45 has used over 50 years of dermatological expertise to develop the new E45 Junior range. The range consists of the E45 Junior Foaming Bath Milk, E45 Junior Moisturising Lotion and E45 Junior Hand and Body Wash, all the products are perfume and soap free, specifically formulated to be extremely gentle on children’s dry, sensitive and itchy skin.

Sticking with the traditional E45 colour scheme (white and blue) the E45 Junior range also adds some colour and fun with little animations, so that it is appealing to children. One of my biggest bugbears around some of the products designed for eczema prone skin is that the bottles look so boring, they just scream you aren’t having proper bubble bath, which to a child can be very upsetting. C was interested in these bottles though and examined them carefully before exclaiming “Mummy, these look like fun!”

So to put them to the test. The E45 Junior Foaming Bath Milk comes in two layers that you shake well to mix before pouring into the bath. Like with bath milks I have tried in the past from our GP the water immediately turns cloudy/milky but the added bonus of this product is that you also get BUBBLES! Now for children with eczema this is a major novelty as normal bubble baths have to be avoided like the plague, for C, bubble bath has always made his skin a lot worse so he isn’t even used to bubbles in his bath. He was wary at first but soon realised that bubbles in your bath is lots of fun, and I was happy that the milk wasn’t going to cause him days of sore skin too.

The E45 Junior Hand and Body Wash is great fun, again its very gentle but it has little brightly coloured bubble beads inside that make it look great but also contain a rich mineral oil. So as you wash the beads burst and gently clean without drying the skin. C loved the beads and would happily have washed all day long and normally we have screams when we actually have to wash and not play. The beads meant that he had a purpose to his washing and we had a little game around who could pop the most!

As I was drying him after the bath I noticed how soft his skin felt, even on good days his skin feels dry, but this time it was better than it had been for a long time. So we moved onto the E45 Junior Moisturising Lotion and I found it easy to apply, it wasn’t greasy and it made his skin feel smooth.

The combination of the three products works well, and to have a full range that is designed to be fun but super sensitive is a bit of a revelation for C. To make the range even more fun E45 Junior has teamed up with Peppa Pig to take part in a party called ‘Peppa’s Big Bubble Bash’, a range of special events being held throughout the summer, there are still some dates left so pop over to http://www.peppapig.45.com for more information. But don’t worry if you can’t make the events I noticed that they have a ‘Virtual Bubble Bash’, basically by uploading a picture or taking one with your webcam you can place your child into Peppa Pig’s world and create a printable picture of your little one with Peppa, and then you can get tips on how to hold your very own bubble party. We also liked the look of the downloadable activity sheets.

E45 is committed to raising £100,000 for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity over the next 18 months and so they will donate 10 pence from the sale of each and every pack of E45 Junior! So you are doing your bit for charity at the same time.

The E45 Junior range starts at £3.45 so it’s well priced for products of its kind. It’s available from supermarkets and pharmacies.



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