Time to stop Breastfeeding

It’s time to stop Breastfeeding. I say this with so much sadness and guilt. I know that I am stopping because that is what’s best for me, not because it’s best for LissyLou, that’s hard, really hard, to cope with.  Not only do I feel guilty that I’m stopping while she still needs milk but I feel guilty for taking her comfort away from her.

I know this is going to take every ounce of strength I have, and right now I don’t feel very strong. The guilt is eating away at me, I feel like I should continue for as long as she wants to feed but I know that is impractical. I think part of it is also that deep down I know I will never breastfeed again, it marks the end of my ‘baby’ days. I am lucky, I have two wonderful children, and I know I don’t want any more, my family is complete and that’s a great feeling . But to know that you will never do something again can either be quite liberating, or can be quite heart breaking. With C it was liberating, with LissyLou I’m pretty sure it will be heartbreaking.

With C I made the decision rashly, I stopped cold turkey one day when he eventually drank a bottle of formula. It was incredibly painful, but a bit of a revelation, I felt free, breastfeeding C had always been such hard work, I felt like a weight had been lifted. With LissyLou I won’t make the same physical mistake again, I know that it is better to slowly stop so that your milk dries up steadily, but mentally? Time will tell!

So I’m starting now, I’m going to try and swap her feeds over to bottle one at a time over the next few weeks with a view to stopping completely by Mid October, this gives both LissyLou and I time to get used to the idea. I’m going to be brave, I have to be brave. This is the end of breastfeeding but not the end of the world! I think I might be making that into my silent mantra…..


4 thoughts on “Time to stop Breastfeeding

  1. You have to remember lovely that you have been an absolute star to manage it for as long as you have and some of us don’t even make it half as long.
    Sounds to me like you have thought it through and are making a decision that will be best for both you and LissyLou in the long run.
    Good luck and don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself, you’re a great mummy and Lissy is not going to suffer because of this decision. xxx

  2. Thank you, think I might be stopping cold turkey unintentionally though, gave her a bottle this morning and then she kept didn’t ask for milk so I offered a bottle again at next milk time and she had a bottle before bed. Didn’t ask for a feed and didn’t seem to be upset that she hadn’t had one. I guess I’ll see what tomorrow brings

  3. please don’t feel guilty for stopping, sad I understand like you say it is the end of an era but don’t feel guilty for your actions, think positive your little one is growing in independance and the next phase is just as exciting 🙂 Good luck with the weaning, my youngest self weaned around 18 months from the breast but went from being a milk guzzler and having lots to suddenly stopping over night, I had said I would just stop when he was ready, and was then wondering when that would be because he really did love his mummy milk, but then oen morning he woke up and never asked and had his breakfast never asked at dinner, and nor did he at tea, it was like he’d forgot all abotu mummy milk overnight! strange feeling I was happy that it was fairly simple process but sad that it was like you the end of my baby stage because I knew he was my last.

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