Nûby One-Touch™ Electric Bottle And Food Warmer

We were sent a Nûby One-Touch™ Electric Bottle And Food Warmer to test and review

The Nûby One-Touch™ Electric Bottle And Food Warmer

  • Safely and evenly warms breast milk, formula and baby food
  • Electric warmer retains vital nutrients, unlike microwave warming
  • Hassle free One-Touch™ operation
  • Perfect for busy parents and modern day living
  • Compact design is ideal for travel
  • Easy as 1-2-3! Add water…..load warmer…..touch to start
  • The One-Touch™ warmer fits all sizes, shapes and brands of bottles
  • Simple and stylish for the modern kitchen
My initial reaction to the  One-Touch™ Electric Bottle And Food Warmer was that it looked good, the shape and style of the warmer look good in your kitchen, people will probably wonder what funky new kitchen accessory you have bought for yourself!
Secondly, is that the One-Touch™ Electric Bottle And Food Warmer  is really easy to use, as they say it really is a case of 3 simple steps and you are ‘cooking’. I have tested the unit with various bottles and foods and found it really effective, everything gets heated to the perfect temperature for feeding due to its unique design and clever warming charts.
Basically, you put the required amount of water in the unit and it boils until all the water is gone and then switches off, so you know that you can’t damage the warmer by leaving things in too long. The food/milk may get hot if left in the unit so with everything check the temperature before serving.
As I make my own foods I thought that I might not be able to use the warmer to heat food but I found that as long as I put food in containers that would fit in the warmer and were safe (plastic or glass as long as it goes in a steriliser) it was fine. I found it really useful to heat the food correctly, even from frozen and in the fridge and a quick stir made sure that it was ready to serve. But the benefit of using the warmer is that you retain vital nutrients that are lost with microwave cooking so it is healthier too – RESULT!
You get a handy guide to heating both bottles and food that I have stuck on the wall behind the unit so that I know where it is at all times. You just choose an option in the first column that best describes the bottle and where it has been stored (ie freezer, fridge etc) and then the type of bottle and how much liquid is in it, then pour in that amount of water and you are good to go!

I liked the handy measuring device that comes attached to the Nûby One-Touch™ Electric Bottle And Food Warmer as it meant I always had a quick way of measuring to hand (I always seem to put my measuring jug in silly places!). You just pour the water straight into the unit so once its in there you load the bottle in rack and go!

Really easy to use and at £15.00 its good value. A good buy for busy mums!

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