5am is NOT play time

5am is NOT play time LissyLou. It is not the time to start singing in your bedroom, waking your big brother and making me get out of my cosy bed. It is not the time to start shouting “Mama” at the top of your lungs or giggling when I come into your bedroom or cuddling me really tight. Yes those sneaky cuddles are brilliant, I love cuddles with you, you are warm and snuggly and cheeky, yes its lovely to see you happily playing on your playmat. But for goodness sake 5am is NOT play time!

6am, just as I get you safely back to bed and hope to get back to bed myself, sure enough your brother is now wide awake and ready to get up himself now so forget sleep for me. Now my day is beginning with building towers and Imagination Movers and a loud toddler. Yes, your brother is a good boy but why, oh, why does he have to be so loud at this time in the morning.

I think today is going to be a long day for Mummy and I really hope that tomorrow morning you remember that I said 5am is NOT play time!

5 thoughts on “5am is NOT play time

  1. My wife and I have a 7 month old. And she likes to begin talking early in the morning too. If it wasn’t so adorable, I think it would be more frustrating. But we tend to enjoy her talkativeness that early in the morning.

    On a side note, I am one of the editors at stageoflife.com. There is a parenting/baby section where you can share stories and there are also coupons, deals, and other resources on the site.

  2. So glad it’s not just me. Little miss has just discovered that she can actually get out of her bed herself and has taken to coming into mummy and daddy’s room on average around 4am announcing “I’m awake, not too early. Want to go downstairs.” Sadly 9 times out of 10 there’s no chance of getting her to go back to sleep *YAWN* xxx

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