Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside, Oh I do like to be beside the sea…. everyone join in!

Well we are back after a lovely trip to the seaside (Whitby). The children had never been to the beach before so it was a shame that it wasn’t very warm and that it was quite blustery but we made the most of it anyway!

So what did we get up, well pretty much your usual sea-side fare, the beach, the arcades, a bit of shopping oooh and date night for me and the Hubby!

C and LissyLou have never been to the beach before so this was a nice chance to see what they thought. Well, I say that, LissyLou had to stay in her pram because it was too cold for her but C had a fantastic time running and digging and laughing. We made sandcastles, had races and found shells and pebbles.

We also took them to the arcades, C loved collecting the money when we won on the 2p machines and liked testing all the racing games, he laughed and laughed. Near our holiday house was a fab park, designed around a pirate theme and if you look at the next photos carefully you might just see me up in the birds nest!

Me and the Hubby had a date night, we played crazy golf (big kids at heart) and went for a delicious meal on our own, it was brilliant, after a bottle of wine we were a little bit tipsy on the way home and giggled like school children on the walk back to our holiday house, so much sillyness and fun!

Also, squeezed into our break was a trip to the SeaLife Centre (more on that later!), and a fabulous afternoon at a garden centre of all places! At the garden centre they have a little cafe by the river and there were loads of ducks and geese so hubby dashed into the cafe to see if he could buy some bread or duck food and they gave us about half a loaf of bread for free! The ducks acted like they had never been fed and had us in stitches as they jumped up to grab the food and C laughed his little head off and squealed half in delight, half in terror. We had a nice dinner and then we played in the gardens for ages. Just lovely family time.

Overall we had a brilliant holiday, it was great to have a few days away from Daddy’s work and stress and enjoying ourselves!

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