So my little boy is not so little anymore

C started pre-school yesterday. He put on his little backpack and off we went. We walked round to the pre-school excited and happy. He was eager to get there and nearly fell a few times he was running so fast.

We got to the pre-school and all his bravado disappeared as he took in the other children. But only for a few seconds then he was busy introducing himself and singing and shouting as large as life.

We were shown into the main pre-school room and his face lit up as he saw cars, painting, sand, water, you name it, they have it! He was almost too busy to notice me leave, at the last minute he ran and gave me a kiss and then he was off.

Just over 2 hours later I went to pick him up. He was pleased to see me, but sad to leave. Does he want to go back? Just try and stop him!


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