The joy that is cardboard boxes

I think everyone who has or knows children know of the joy that is cardboard boxes.

When The Boy And Me invited stories from people about how they have used cardboard boxes I just had to jump in.

One thing about being a mummy blogger and reviewing items along the way, is that you get a few deliveries. We have had loads of fun over the past couple of months with these boxes, the packaging inside and bubble wrap. I wrote about Snow Day, where we used shredded paper to have a snow day in July.  I showed a video about the fun that can be had with large pieces of upholstery foam.

We put boxes on our heads to pretend to be robots, sit in them and hide in them.

The most fun we have ever had with boxes came just before Christmas last year when I was heavily pregnant and couldn’t go shopping so I ordered everything online. We had so much fun making this house!



6 thoughts on “The joy that is cardboard boxes

  1. Boxes get double the fun factor in our house as not only do the kids play with them / colour them in with felt tip pens – but when they have finished our puppy totally rips them to shreds !

  2. Aaah I have pictures of my girls in boxes. They prefer them to real toys. Sometimes! The thing with cardboard boxes is they can become anything – robots, cars, aeroplane’s boats. And it takes them ages to decorate them too. V cute! PS. I’m a West Yorkshire girl but have moved down South 😦 Miss my chips and scraps

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