The Miracle Bag

The Miracle Bags are a range of changing bags designed in the UK and road tested by real mums and babies for 6months before they are launched to ensure that they are up to the demands of modern parents. Each Miracle Bag comes with a 12 month guarantee so you can be confident that if there is a defect in the materials or workmanship that they will replace the bag for you! Your Miracle Bag comes in a lovely dust bag just like all good bags should, making it feel like a really luxurious treat or a great present for mums.

I chose the Urban Miracle bag in red spot, because I thought it was nice and bright. Made in oilcloth fabric the Urban bag feels like it will stand up to all the usual everyday hazards faced by my changing bag. These include being dragged round the room by a toddler, being sat on by said toddler, getting juice spilled on by the toddler and getting dribbled on by the baby! Yes, my changing bags take a lot of stick, even though I look after them like they were my handbag, they have to be up to the challenge. Because it’s oilcloth it is wipe clean, great for the juice and dribble side of things and in case C drags it through anything dubious. The sturdy base on the Urban bag means that even if its squashed it quickly goes back to its original shape so it always looks good.

Inside the bag is decorated in funky ‘dandelion’ fabric and consists of two different sides, great for me with a toddler and a baby to keep the nappies separate so that they don’t end up with the wrong size nappies on (yes that’s happened before, and no it wasn’t as funny as it sounds!). Each side has its own small zipped compartment so that you can keep small items safe. I use mine for things like spare dummies, plasters, calpol sachets etc so that I can get to them straight away if I need to. But it isn’t huge, it is great for shopping trips, or times when you don’t need loads of things with you. If you have to take drinks, spare clothes and toys as well as your usual changing bag essentials then you might need a carrier bag too. I don’t think that’s an issue as most of the time it would be plenty big enough.

It also comes with a matching changing mat so that you can protect your baby when using dubious looking changing stations in shops, cafes etc  and has a variety of ways to carry it from the striped cotton handles, to long adjustable carrying strap and clever buggy straps to hold it in place on your pram frame, the Urban bag is well thought out for the Urban lifestyle.

It also goes beautifully on my Mamas and Papas Urbo as the red spots stand out against the black fabric, and I love the way it goes on my Petite Star Zia+ with the pram strap!

I really like the Urban Miracle Bag, its funky, practical and not too big, you can buy it online from or by clicking Miracle Bags and it costs £44.95, I thought that was very reasonable.

4 thoughts on “The Miracle Bag

  1. Gosh that’s pretty. I’m putting that on my list for Christmas as I’m expecting my first baby in February! Can you get matching accessories?

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