Mummy has no imagination!

I wish I was 2 again, life is pretty simple, you make it what you want it to be.

This morning my little man asked me for bread and a banana for breakfast. “Do you want butter or jam?” I asked. “No Mummy, just bread and a banana, I’ve got an idea!” he said. So the slice of bread and a whole banana went on a plate and we went to watch a bit of TV.

A minute later he called me over “Mummy I made an owl!”, wondering what he was talking about I got up and found he had made this!

I took some photos and went and sat back down to finish feeding LissyLou her breakfast and then came the shout of “Mummy I’m eating a hotdog”. Ok, so now I was confused! A minute ago it was bread and a banana, now it was a hotdog? “That’s not a hotdog sweetheart, it’s a banana sandwich” now he was mad “It is a hotdog Mum, can’t you see?” Uh oh, slap on the wrists for mummy then!






7 thoughts on “Mummy has no imagination!

  1. It’s funny I should see this post just now. I was playing with Little miss tonight and realised just how unimaginative I am. I wanted to blog about it, but don’t want to step on toes as you’ve just done something similar, if I do would you mind if I put a ref and link to you? xxx

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