I’ve been testing games on the Kinect for XBOX 360

I have been testing some games for Kinect on the XBOX 360

If you haven’t tried Kinect then you are missing out! No really you are missing out. It’s so much fun. With loads of games for the whole family, whether you are looking for kids games, family games or fitness then you will find something in the Kinect range.

I have been testing three products this week.


Dance Central

Kinect Sports

I’ll start with Kinectimals. This super cute game is aimed at children 3 years and up. I decided to let C have a go anyway (he is 29mths) and he could do bits of it. Basically, your child uses their whole body to interact with lion cubs, tiger cubs etc and journey around an island carrying out tasks on the way. So they don’t have to learn how to use controllers or do button combinations. A great way to keep the kids active and engaged! C was a bit young really but he did enjoy watching me play so that the game became almost like a movie for him, he sat on the couch instructing me what to do and I jumped around the room like a mad woman, well at least it was a bit of exercise for me. I think once he is a little bit older Kinectimals will come into its own. I highly recommend it for 3-7year olds as they will enjoy the jumping around and the animals

Dance Central – I am really enjoying the Dance Central game. I have adopted it as my daily workout because you dance to recent songs and do proper dance moves. You have the option to break the routine down so that you can practice each bit at a time or to perform it so you can just boogie. Each song has three levels of difficulty and as you go up the levels the song includes more different moves. There is also a workout function which tracks calories used in each play session which is useful if you fancy using it instead of a workout video. Great fun game and doubles up as a workout, you can also connect to XBOX live and buy more songs to add even more game play!

Kinect Sports – Great fun for the family. Play as teams or in direct competition against your family! I laughed myself silly playing volley ball very badly but really enjoyed the boxing, it was a real stress reliever being able to punch the ‘opponent’ and it really tired me out! I was pooped. With other sports like Football and athletics it covers a wide range of sports and skill sets.

Kinect have some great new games out this Christmas too so keep your eye out for my Christmas features to find out more!

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