Devon village gets top family-friendly rating

Winkleigh in Devon has been named as the Best place for families to live in England and Wales. The list, for Family Investments, rated schools, crime, amenities and affordable homes. If you want to read more of this article then click HERE


When I read the article I was expecting to hear that Winkleigh was in some way magnificent. I’m sure it’s lovely but what makes it that much better than where we live? The answer is in reality no, a bunch of statistics might rank it as the best place to live but I bet a lot of people out there think they live in a pretty good place too.

So I thought about where we live, yes it might not officially be the Best Place to live, but you know what it is pretty good! We have 4 public houses, a Post Office, a butchers, a farm shop, a general store, a doctors, a library, a Village Hall, 2 churches and chapel, a primary school, two playgrounds, a restaurant and much more! I feel pretty lucky to live somewhere where we can walk out of our front door and within 2 minutes be in glorious countryside, but similarly in five minutes be in a busy town.  I guess it’s in the middle of suburbia and semi-rural. The best part though is that we are lucky enough to live within a few miles of our families so that C and LissyLou can see a lot of their grandparents and aunties and uncles.

So in reality what makes a great place to live? Is it the place, the people, the facilities or the home? For me it is a balance of all these things, finding a place that works for you and your family, a place that you feel safe and happy. So what do you think what makes the perfect place to live?


3 thoughts on “Devon village gets top family-friendly rating

  1. OOh I love Devon and have often thought about upping sticks and moving the family into a lovely thatched cottage in a picture postcard village.
    I love spending hours trawling through properties on Rightmove.
    I think what makes the perfect place to live is where you’re happy. I am from up north, living down south and often think I should move back to be nearer my family. I miss them so much. But I love where I live right now, half an hour out of London, half an hour from countryside, in a small town with lots of amenities. I was brought up in a tiny village in Norfolk until I was 9 and that was idyllic, so I do long for village life, and wonder if one day I may end up there. But once you start planting roots, putting children in schools, making friends, making a house a home, it’s not so easy to move…

    • Agreed. We moved a few times before we had children, and it’s never ‘easy’ but with children it must be really tough. Especially if they have to change schools, leave friends etc. I don’t think we will live here forever, and I would love to experience somewhere different at some point but right now we are happy. I love Rightmove too, it’s a great way to spend an hour or too drooling over other peoples decor, or space!

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