The Best and Worst of This Week w/e 08/10/2011

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The Best……..

The best thing this week has been my little man and his successes with potty training. After lots of fits and starts over the last 6months or so he seems to finally be getting it. It just proves what I have always been told and always believed that children will be easy to potty train when they are ready to do it. We’ve gone from not being able to get him to wear underpants at all to a little boy who is excited to wear his underpants, takes himself to the potty, pulls his pants up and down himself etc. Yes we have had accidents but a lot less accidents than successes and finally we seem to be getting somewhere! I’m taking it slowly and making sure that we do it properly. I want him to be confident and happy through the process so hopefully this time will work!

The Worst…..

The worst things this week has been potty training. Yes, it’s going really really well but it’s hard work, the constant “Do you need a wee?”, the up and down the stairs with the potty to dispose of the contents and cleaning up after the accidents. All this while chasing after a newly mobile baby is actually quite tiring! Who knows, maybe next week the best thing will be potty training related weight loss for mummy!

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6 thoughts on “The Best and Worst of This Week w/e 08/10/2011

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  2. Well done C (and mummy) great stuff!
    Potty training is hard, but it really does just ‘click’, I reckon you’ll find he’ll have it nailed in the next week or so.

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