Potty Training Is So Hard!

After my post at the weekend about the Best and Worst of last week being around potty training things went down hill quickly yesterday.

To say that it tested my patience, strength and resolve is an understatement. The day started well. C asked to take his bedtime nappy off and used the potty happily and put his big boy pants on. Hurray I thought, he is really getting it!

I spoke too soon. What a nightmare, two accidents before 10am and then a really bad poo accident and I was so tempted to stick a nappy on him and leave it. But I decided that I would have wasted all our hard work over the last few days and I would be giving him an easy way out too, not just me. So I cleaned him up and stuck pants on again and luckily we had no more accidents!

So far today we are going ok. No accidents but it’s quite hard work. On Saturday he was brilliant, no accidents, lots of potty trips, all instigated by him. Where did it all go wrong?


3 thoughts on “Potty Training Is So Hard!

  1. I hope you don’t have too many little puddles to clean up today. I’m finding potty training one of the most challenging parts of parenting to date. It’s so hard not to get frustrated isn’t it?!

      • I know, by the end of the day I am usually gritting my teeth with frustration, and I’m sure Sun picks up on this, which can’t be good! So much for it being a stress-free experience! We’re on a break at the moment while I think about what to try next 🙂

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