The Curse of The Blog

Every time I have written about things either going right in the parenting stakes The Curse of The Blog has struck. It seems like I can’t say anything about either sleep or potty training without things going really wrong! But saying that sometimes you just have to tell the story anyway!

Potty training is a pretty big thing in our house at the moment. Last weeks Best and Worst Of The Week revolved around it. Well after that we had a horrendous day, we had NO successes and lots of accidents. I was exhausted and so tempted to revert to nappies again but I decided to persevere. So far I’m glad that I did.

Firstly, since the day from hell we have had a run of really good days. C went to preschool two mornings and I was amazed to find that he had stayed dry on both occasions. At home he was doing well too so then came our first HUGE potty training test. We decided to go to The Trafford Centre in Manchester. It’s about an hours drive so I carefully packed changes of clothes and told C that he would have to wait until we got there etc and even sat him on a maternity bed pad that we had left over from before I had LissyLou in case of emergencies.

We got there without incident and he used the toilet a number of times while we were there. He even managed to stay dry on the way home – RESULT!

I hope that this time The Curse Of The Blog doesn’t strike because he is doing so well and it would be so disappointing if things fell apart now.

Oh and don’t even get me started on sleep although maybe if I talk about the bad then it will get better?…………………….


5 thoughts on “The Curse of The Blog

  1. I know, sometimes feel that all I do is tempt fate! Yesterday a mum asked me if my oldest two boys got on really well. ‘Oh yes’, I replied, ‘best of friends’. And then heard a huge scream followed by both of them hurtling towards me, one of them bleeding from the knee and the other saying ‘BUT HE STARTED IT’.

  2. I suffered the Curse of The Blog this week too – wrote about sleep and then my daughter decided to wake up at 11.30pm screaming that very night. Definitely something in the saying “tempting fate”. Hope it’s not the case for you this time though!

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